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Petrified Forest Prospect

3 new wells to be drilled in the Petrified Forest State Park to establish production in the Coconino Sandstone, Shinarump Conglomerate, and the Supai Conglomerate.

5 Reasons to Drill in The Holbrook Basin

The Holbrook Basin is the only area in the world drilled exclusively for helium. Wells located in these fields average 8.5% helium giving them the highest helium concentration per well in the U.S.

Why Invest in Helium in 2020

We are running out of helium. Helium reserves are at an all-time low while demand for helium continues to grow. This growth has pushed helium prices to $300 per MCF making helium the smart and most lucrative investment for years to come.’.

Rare Earth Exploration Blog

Join the Helium Hunters radio show every Sunday morning from 10am-11am central on KRLD News Radio 1080. Listen 24/7 at as the hunter’s interview industry experts, discuss the current helium crisis and offer up incredible investment opportunities.

Welcome to Rare Earth Exploration

The team at Rare Earth Exploration has committed itself to focus on the extraction, development, and production of helium, oil and natural gas, along with other inert gases bringing them to the global marketplace.

Rare Earth Exploration has begun leasing mineral rights on thousands of acres across the state of Arizona. We have researched all the latest well completion techniques and have begun several different projects that will both increase our production numbers and profits to our partners.

 We believe that we should go the extra mile to gain the competitive edge to ensure our company and its partners remain successful. We are big enough to get the job done right but small enough to give our partners the personal service they deserve. Rare Earth Exploration offers a broad range of investment opportunities in oil, natural gas and helium resources. Let our team design an investment package that works for you and your ROI.